The City of Merritt wants to hear from the public on the updated Official Community Plan.

A long time in the making, background research for the updated plan was first conducted in summer of 2020. Several rounds of engagement with the public were then made over the following months on everything from poverty reduction, to active transportation, housing needs, infrastructure, etc.

The overarching plan provides a vision goal of what the City of Merritt will look like by 2040. According to documents in the plan, lows of the projected population of Merritt in the next twenty years sit at just under 10,000, while high projections have the population at just under 16,000.

All of the details of the OCP, including maps of proposed updates to the city’s urban and rural landscape, can be found on the City of Merritt website, linked here.

An open house is scheduled for Nov. 10, while email feedback will be accepted until Nov. 14.

Revisions of the plan are then scheduled to be made by Dec. 8, with the first reading of the plan on Dec. 14.