Isabel Chavez is number 7 on the senior girls volleyball team here in Merritt. With 4 and a half years experiance, Isabel is consistently on the starting lineup and benefits the team immensely with her jump serves. She is a strong player on the court and a huge asset playing in the power position. Isabel’s favorite volleyball memory happened in grade 7 while her and her teammates laughed as their coach tried to teach them. When number 7 was asked what her favorite part about volleyball was she responded “the feeling after you win a super tough game and the team communication that it requires.” Isabel is ready and excited about the rest of the season seeing as our team has grown closer. As a grade 12 student on the team, Isabel shows much leadership. All players on the team look up to her and know they can count on her to get points on the court. “It’s really special that we get to not only play but host provincials too. I can’t wait to play our best and hopefully make our school proud.” said Isabel. 

Isabel Chavez. Izaiah Reyes/Herald

Rachel Rabbitt is number 6 on the senior girls volleyball team. Much like Isabel,  Rachel is an extremely strong power with jump serves that earn the team lots of points. Rachel has been playing volleyball for 4 years and throughout those years she has learned to love the sport more and more. This summer Rachel had no days off as she was on the Club team in Kamloops. When Rachel was asked what her favorite part about volleyball was she responded with “I love every part about volleyball.” 

Rachel Rabbitt. Izaiah Reyes/Herald

Both Rachel, Isabel and the rest of the senior girls volleyball team are excited to host provincials and make their town proud. Come out and support Merritt’s team from December 1-3.