Captain of the MSS senior girls volleyball team is number 20 Kendra Marklund. Kendra is a huge part of the team as she is a leader on and off the court. She is on the starting lineup every game and excels as a power getting many points for her team. Kendra has been playing volleyball for about 6 years now, being first introduced to the sport in elementary school. She has played volleyball for all of her highschool years and also commutes to Kamloops to play club volleyball as part of the KVA pack. When Kendra was asked what her favorite volleyball memory was she responded, “I don’t really have a favorite volleyball memory as I love every moment of it!” Kendra brings a unique talent to the senior girls volleyball team being the only left handed player. “My favorite part about volleyball is when we work as a team to build each other up and succeed!”

Kendra Marklund serves the ball. Photo/Rae Bassett

Number 11 on the senior girls team is Brooklynn Snee. She is a starting setter that brings a lot of skill to the court. Brooklynn has been playing volleyball since grade 6 in elementary school. Number 11 is very reliable to get every ball that comes her way and can perfectly set up the play. As she is a grade 12 student this year Brooklynn does a great job of helping the team out and teaching the less experienced players. When Brooklynn was asked what her favorite part of volleyball is she responded “winning games, when the team works together to succeed on the court!”

Brooklyn Snee jump sets the ball. Photo/Rae Bassett

Both Kendra and Brooklynn are grade 12 students and this will be their last year playing high school volleyball. Come support these girls and the whole team during provincials December 1-3 in Merritt.