Maia Zakall is a graduating member on the Merritt Secondary School (MSS) volleyball team. Proudly representing #19 on and off the court, Zakall has competed in the sport for 7 years in Merritt. 

Maia plays the middle position, which she excels at due to her height and phenomenal spike that she brings to every game. When Zakall was asked why she loves volleyball, she responded, “How could you not love this sport? Laughing on and off the court with a great group of girls is what volleyball is all about.” 

Maia recalls her favourite memories in volleyball to be travelling to tournaments all across British Columbia with the team and trying her best at every game.

Maia Zakall volleyball serve. Izaiah Reyes/Herald

Similarly, A Grade 12 volleyball player, who also has been playing volleyball for 7 years, now rocks the #15 for the Panthers. 

Riley Davey fell in love with the sport when she began participating in her elementary school’s volleyball team. It has since become her favourite sport, where she plays offside as her position on the court. 

Davey’s most interesting memory on the volleyball courts is when her and another teammate jumped at the net too closely to each other and Davey fell to the ground. “I know it sounds crazy that getting hurt is a good memory, but it is. Because it was so funny. After the team knew I was okay, we all laughed so hard we had to sit down,” she stated while recalling her favourite volleyball memory. 

Riley Davey #15. Izaiah Reyes/Herald

Something #15 loves about volleyball is the friendships she has created over the past few years with her teammates. The sport requires a lot of work and dedication, but Riley loves volleyball and practises multiple days a week to ensure a top performance at every game. 

Both Zakall and Davey are excited for the Provincial Playoffs.  Davey hopes to continue demonstrating some of the best and most consistent serves on the team, while Zakall looks forward to her last few volleyball games as a Panther.