Grade 11 volleyball player Triana Clarke reflects on her season proudly, serving the team as a middle player representing number 22 on the court. Clarke has been playing volleyball since the 6th grade and has enjoyed every minute of it.

Clarke’s favourite volleyball memory thus far happened this season at the Vernon volleyball tournament. Being Trianas first out of town tournament, the whole team played hard throughout the day and spent the evening at a halloween corn maze, which was a blast for the whole team. Clarke loves the teamwork involved in volleyball, stating, “being able to communicate and win on the court has to be the best part, it involves so much teamwork that I love about volleyball.” 

Another 11th grade player, Brooke Robichaud, recalls her favourite memory to be at her first overnight tournament in Revelstoke the previous year. Robichauds’ team ended up second in the tournament and enjoyed their time as a team. Brooke, number 16, represents the panthers as a power, but also loves to play the middle position. Robichaud has been playing volleyball for 6 years and loves the sport. Brooke’s favourite part about volleyball is the excitement of winning as a team. 

Brooke Robichaud, (left) Willow Johnny, (middle) and Triana Clarke (right). Izaiah Reyes/Herald

Number 22 and 16 are thrilled to not only be competing in provincials, but to be hosting it in Merritt. Both girls are looking forward to meeting new teams and representing the Panthers, as well as working hard to prepare for volleyball next season.