Merritt Secondary school’s number 21 on the senior girls volleyball team is Willow Johnny. Johnny plays in the setter position this year and is a huge benefit to the team with her serves. She has been playing volleyball for about 7 years starting in elementary school. When Johnny was asked what her favorite volleyball memory was she responded “ My favorite memory is from last season, it was the third set and it was my turn to serve. It was my first few games and I started to pick my spots for serving. Most of the time it was accurate. I started to serve and got aces off my serves. My team was cheering me on and I swear I got ten or eleven serves in a row. I will never forget how far I’ve come since then.”

Brooke Robichaud, (left) Willow Johnny, (middle) and Triana Clarke (right). Izaiah Reyes/Herald

Just like Johnny, Sekhon immensely helps the team with her serves. Number 9, Kirith Sekhon plays in the middle position on the starting lineup. Sekhon has been playing volleyball a long time starting back in elementary school. She is constantly getting her team points from her serves but even more from her hits. When Sekhon was asked what her favorite memory playing volleyball was she responded “My favorite volleyball memory is making the junior team after tryouts cause I was nervous about making the team.” Sekhon’s favorite part about volleyball is playing with her friends in a sport she loves. “I enjoyed the season that has been full of wins and losses but I’m happy I got the chance to play,” said Sekhon.

Sekhon serves at the Okangan Championship. Photo/Rae Bassett

Both Johnny and Sekhon will be playing in the senior girls AA volleyball hosted here, in Merritt from December 1-3. Entry fee for a weekend pass is $10. Come out and support the Panthers!