Dear Editor,

I’m a free advocate of Highway 5 here in Merritt and I don’t get paid, which means I don’t have a salary for doing this type of work on this stretch of highway, so it’s all voluntary. I keep tabs on everything I see physically and mentally and enjoy every bit of it.

You either love me or hate me because I look at the 18-wheelers and all vehicles alike. If I see something, I report it to Merritt city council, RCMP or Ministry of Highways here in Merritt.

After all my meetings with the Ministry of Highways here in Merritt, I’ve finally found out that we’re getting pavement on to our old Highway 5. It’s so badly in need of repair. Wow, I can’t wait for the old to be new.

It’s been a long time for a new black top. No more patching.

Gilbert Mike