The Petit Creek Wildfire has been officially deemed under control by the BC Wildfire Service.

The fire was first discovered, alongside a smaller fire at Buck Ridge, on April 18, 18kms northwest of Merritt along Hwy 8.

Due to hot, windy conditions, the fire grew quickly from an estimated four hectares to 100 hectares, and remained out of control for several days.

At the fire’s peak, there were nearly 50 BC Wildfire Service personnel battling the blaze, aided by heavy equipment and two helicopters with buckets.

The TNRD issued an evacuation alert for the Miller Estates subdivision and the Canford Community on Sunday, April 18, as the fire became a ‘Wildfire of Note’ and potentially threatened structures in that area. The alert, however, was lifted on April 21 as the fire was officially declared as being held.

There is a possibility of precipitation this weekend, which may aid in extinguishing the fire.