A duo of filmmakers who have spent the past couple of years travelling and filming along the route of the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline are bringing their film to Merritt for a screening on Friday, June 5.

“We thought there was not a project that gathered all the different topics, like the environment and First Nations’ rights and rights of farmers and ranchers,” said core director Jean-Phillipe Marquis. “We wanted to make a film that took all the different issues together and link them together.”

The film was premiered first in some of the communities the crew filmed in northern B.C., and the Vancouver screening was on April 22.

Marquis said that while other films have been made about the impacts of the energy industry, none brought all the the issues together as Line in the Sand does.

“There was a film made on the coast about the Great Bear Rainforest and more about the spills, but we wanted to make a general film about pipelines,” he said.

“We took the Northern Gateway as a case study, but we also talked a little bit about LNG. . . .  Also we talk about resistance and the length that some people are ready to go stop the project, that takes a good part of it.”

The other half of the duo is Tomas Borsa, who brought a journalism background to the project.

The film will screen at Nicola Valley Institute of Technology on June 5 at 8:00 p.m.