In the midst of a High Streamflow Advisory last weekend on both the Coldwater and Nicola Rivers, a number of Garcia Street residents took their concerns with a potential breach on an old dike to Merritt City Hall. 

Michael Beauclair, a private property owner whose Garcia Street property was flooded in November 2021, told the Herald that he noticed the earth around the dike wearing thin a number of months ago, but never heard back regarding his concern. 

“I sent an email to the City of Merritt on February 14, with some pictures that outlined the area of erosion in the dike,” said Beauclair. “If they don’t deal with it, this old dike is going to breach.”

After not hearing back for months, Beauclair said he contacted local media to try and raise awareness of the issue. Beauclair and his neighbours also contacted city hall regarding the concern. Mayor Mike Goetz told Q101 News that the city is aware of the erosion on the dam, located at the end of the 1200 block of Garcia Street, and is working to secure funding for its permanent repair.

According to Beauclair, Infracon crews were on site the next day applying temporary fixes to the eroded dike. Large boulders were placed near the eroded area, which Beauclair said satisfied his concerns, although he believes more permanent fixes are still needed.