On March 22, the Merritt Fire Rescue Department started to implement prescribed burns in Merritt.

The prescribed burns are being done specifically in the area above Mountain Drive on the Bench.

These burns are scheduled to persist until the end of April or until the grass is too green to burn.

Merritt Fire Chief David Tomkinson said that it is all part of the community wildfire resiliency plan.

“This is part of a whole overall fuel management project that we have for the Bench area and it encompasses about 250 hectares,” he added. “The stand has been thinned, which reduces the risk of a crown fire coming into our community.”

According to the Merritt Fire Rescue Department, given the favourable venting conditions today, March 25, crews will conduct a small-scale prescribed burn in the vicinity of Mountain Drive and Pineridge Drive.

Smoke may be visible to Merritt residents.