The weather did not stop the first weekend of the 2022 Nicola Valley Farmers’ Market. On Saturday, May 7, 10 vendors were present at the Bailie House parking lot to serve the community with local products ranging from baked goods to skincare.

“We are farmers, we are not afraid of bad weather,” Farmers’ Market President Shaelyn MacVicar exclaimed.

“Rain, shine, hot, cold, it doesn’t matter, we will be here every weekend.”

This year, The Farmers’ Market is set to run every Saturday from May 7 to October 8, from 9:30 am to 1 pm.

“We’re really excited about this year,” said MacVicar.

“The COVID restrictions have been lifted so we are able to bring in more vendors back.”

There were a number of familiar vendors who stuck it out during the ugly weather; MacVicar Family Farms, Grimshire Apiary, Camille’s Sweet Treats, and Earth and Soul, just to name a few.

“Surprisingly I thought it would be slower, but I think people are excited to go out and support the market,” said MacVicar.

“It’s been a long winter. Merritt has had its fair share of lumps over the last six months and I think people are just wanting to go out and support our local businesses.”

Unfortunately, the weather got in the way of the Market’s entertainment for the day. Love to Dance Academy wasn’t able to perform due to the bad weather but are willing to come back next time.

“It will build the suspense for next time,” MacVicar said optimistically.

“Now people will be even more excited to see them.”

The Market will have one spot every Saturday for a local act to perform.
“We are hoping to have the community’s youth come around and do dances and songs or any kind of entertainment that is out there,” said MacVicar.

“If anyone has a skill or a performance art that they want to share with the community, just reach out to us and we can definitely set that up. It only costs $10 to be a member of the market and that covers the insurance to perform at the venue.”

This year, the Market will be partnering with the Chamber of Commerce for the Street Market which will begin on Saturday, May 21.

“We will be down on Quilchena Avenue instead of the Baillie House parking lot once a month.” said MacVicar.

Community Futures also partnered with the Farmers’ Market for the ‘Fresh Finds’ program.

“You can be a vendor for two markets and they give you a tent and a table and pay for your vendor fees for two weeks to see if the market is suitable for you and your business,” MacVicar explained.

“We had a few last minute cancellation from some vendors but normally we are right around 15 to 20 vendors on an average week and we are always looking for more.”

For more information on the Nicola Valley Farmer’s Market, email them at [email protected]