Police responded to 98 calls for service in Merritt over the August long weekend – seven of which were to the site of the Bass Coast music and arts festival at the old Mountainfest grounds.

RCMP Staff Sgt. Sheila White said of the seven complaints the police received, two arrests were made at the site.

Sgt. Norm Flemming told the Herald the crowd that gathered for the music festival was relatively reasonable and well-behaved.

“We had very few complaints from the site itself,” Flemming said.

Between Friday and Monday, Flemming said Merritt police responded to one call of mischief to a vehicle, one drunk in public, two refusals to leave the festival grounds, a call to assist an ambulance and a couple of loud music complaints.

“On Friday night, especially, we got a slew of phone calls asking us to go out there and shut that down,” Flemming said.

“We talked to the organizers, and they were very good about it and they agreed that they would do what they could to keep it neighbour-friendly,” Flemming said in regards to the noise complaints.

Flemming said when compared to the heyday of the Merritt Mountain Music Festival, Bass Coast doesn’t quite match up.

“When it was at its peak, it was a bit of a gong-show. We’re talking about a quarter of a million people out there over the course of a weekend,” Fleming said, noting there were between two and three thousand people at the site for Bass Coast.

Merritt RCMP made 10 arrests over the weekend for drunk in public, one arrest for breach of court-imposed conditions and two arrests for assault.

The Merritt Fire Rescue Department had a relatively uneventful long weekend, Fire Chief Dave Tomkinson told the Herald.

Firefighters responded to a call of down power lines along Coyote Valley Road where fire crews cordoned off the area and waited for BC Hydro to de-energize the line.

The only other call was to a car accident on Highway 97C but fire crews were cancelled on the way to the scene.