Dear Editor:

I take serious offence, as do hundreds of others gathering their information, both to the RCMP harassment and unnecessary harassment at the Great Canadian Bike Rally in Merritt.

Last year you had your local police only – no issues. This year you bring in many extra special forces and nothing but trouble, with harassment by the police.

Seriously, smashing an 83 year old woman’s face into the cement in front of many witnesses and the rally organizers and we riders are trying to find this woman to help her. But really, how manly and protective of the RCMP. And these people in the paper comments, who basically say staff are stealing funds that are being raised for the kids by the bikers – that is slander, defamation, etc.

If you knew the first thing about the people who were there and the majority of the people who ride are professionals in their careers, you would shut your mouths.

This event raised money for kids – or attempted to – but your special police force ruined that big time, not only for the kids, but for your local townspeople and businesses who make money from such events.

You dare to call most of us riders scums and pigs – defamation/harassment by police and by some of your citizens who write to the paper. Here are some examples of the people there: I am a teacher – college, another rider is an admissions advisor at a university, another I know is an airline pilot with a major airline who flies all over the world – you have likely been on a plane he flies (makes me laugh when you think this normal citizen who chooses to ride a bike for a hobby has millions of lives in his hands daily, and does a fabulous job) – another has a business that makes famous movie props, one worked for WorkSafe BC, another governing employment laws.

We do not have criminal records. We don’t do illegal activities – but you choose to judge us and don’t know a thing about us. Big loss to the kids who needed the money and I am sure to many local businesses who could have used the business. You have the extra police force and their continued and unnecessary harassment and the attitudes of others who don’t know what they are talking about. And don’t call me a scum bag or any of the rest of us.

Like I said, the town of Merritt and the kids lost out because you had amateur cops who can’t afford any more bad publicity and idiot citizens who don’t have a clue what they are talking about.

Frankly I think it is time the RCMP commissioner in Ottawa, who wants to clean up the force of its bad behavior should have RCMP officers names and who gave them them orders to act so irresponsibly sent to the office in Ottawa. I am sure he would like to examine the tons of videos/pictures taken that will eventually surface. Write or send pictures of this completely uncalled for behavior by the RCMP that ruined a great rally and a super opportunity to raise money for kids – maybe they should go concentrate on fixing crime and not harassing bike enthusiasts. Even the club guys caused no trouble.

Educate yourself before you partake in events you know nothing about. I will also write this to The Province so it hits all of B.C. In fact, I hope all people who took pictures who had direct confrontations write the rally office.

Lindy Bellamy