Comments: Letter Sent to Mr. Stockwell Day:

I am sending this email in regards to the lack of penalties for impaired driving re-offenders.

In July 1988 my dear father-in-law Bob Johnson of Langley, B.C. and his son Bill Johnson were both killed by a drunk driver named Kevin Mosley of Merritt, B.C.

We have been advised that Kevin, while he was impaired driving has hit and severely injured a Mr. West Law of Merritt, B.C. Mr. Law has lost his leg and is facing years of rehabilitation not to mention all the mental challenges, financial and life changes he will face every day for the rest of his life. As will his family.

Mr. Day at the time of the crash in 1988, my mother-in-law Cathie Johnson lost her husband, her best friend and the love of her life. (plus her stepson as well) She was completely devastated.

Her and Bob were so happy together the two of them were so close and were such great friends. I still don’t know how she made it through it all. Almost 23 years later it still hurts her to think of him being gone.

I was eight months pregnant with my first child, Bob Johnson’s granddaughter,Amanda but he never got to see her nor her two sisters. Most of all he never got to see them grow up and never got to share a lifetime of memories with the girls (and all the other grandchildren), as he should have been allowed to. He had so much love to give them and so many things to teach them as only grandpa’s do.

Bill Johnson’s wife Holly was pregnant with their third child at the time of the crash and Bill never got to be there for Holly and the children. Those tiny little kids lost their dad as well their grandpa.

Bob was such a good man Mr. Day so kind and loving to all of us/his family, he was so happy and he loved my mother in law to pieces and the grand-kids he already had, we all know what we lost that day. It makes us feel sick to have this awful time in our lives all re-opened.

We needed them, we loved them and they loved us. Our family was never the same and we would have given anything to have it back the way it was before the crash that took them. Instead we gathered to try and comprehend it all and say goodbye at two funerals in a week.

This haunts us still and it is unconscionable that my mother-in-law has to relive all of this. We have family members that live in Merritt so everyone of us, our children included, all travel to Merritt, Nicola Lake and Kamloops. It is terrifying to think this could be allowed to happen again that our family is still vulnerable to the same person that took so very much from us.

Kevin Mosley served a very short prison term after killing two completely innocent family men 23 years ago, after completely devastating our entire family and has knowingly ruined more innocent peoples live’s.

There will be family members at the upcoming trial in Kamloops and we hope that this time he will get a stronger penalty so he cannot hurt anyone else and that justice will be served.

Jackie Miller

Added: This morning I was advised that Kevin Mosley’s driving ban was lifted before Christmas 2010 in spite of the grave harm he has caused Mr. West Law and in spite of the two lives Kevin stole from our family almost 23 years ago.