It’s that time of the year when Santa quite often appears in a variety of forms and costumes to offer early Christmas gifts.

And, that’s just what happened on Nov. 22 when members of the Thompson-Nicola Regional District Board of Directors approved a policy to establish a bursary program which will see the organization providing four $1,000 annual bursaries to an eligible high school grad in each of the four school districts within the TNRD.

So, Logan Lake Secondary School students, now’s the time to get working on your grades and preparing background information for the upcoming season of scholarship applications.

Obviously in a jolly mood, Santa’s TNRD elves had another early Christmas present for Logan Lake Search and Rescue when they approved an increase in capital funding for eligible groups.

By meeting the qualifications, our SAR will see their grant amount increase from $7,500 to $10,000, with the money going to help fund operational expenses such as insurance, licensing and inspection fees.

With Logan Lake, SAR is still hard at work fundraising to complete their new building, the financial support from the TNRD will, without a doubt, be an incredible and welcome early Christmas gift.