A photo journalist creates a docu-series in search of bigfoot, making a stop in the Nicola Valley along the way. 

Jason Kenzie has been a wildlife photojournalist for 30 years. His work has taken him to all corners of the globe but as the lockdowns happened due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the veteran photographer turned his lenses from the natural to the unexplained. Kenzie began looking for the mythological creature known as ‘Bigfoot’, and his pursuit has turned into a docu-series that was picked up by major distributors,

Kenzie’s ‘Searching for Sasquatch’ is an ongoing series that documents the adventurers travels around North America as he finds the fabled creature. 

“I’ve been an adventurer for my entire life, traveling the world,” said Kenzie. “Moving to this documentary made sense. I started interviewing eye witnesses, joining bigfoot groups in the U.S. and Canada, and just joining them in the hopes to find it.” 

In the first episode of the documentary, Kenzie features the Nicola Valley as he investigates an eyewitness account.

“I drove just outside of Merritt to interview a truck driver saying he was driving down to the coast during one snowy night,” said Kenzie. 

“He was coming down the highway and all of a sudden he had to slam his breaks because these large hooved animals jumped out onto the highway. Behind them, just about 20 feet, were these two giant sasquatches who came running after them and also jumped onto the road.”

Kenzie’s journey started out with him as a wedding and event photographer. One day someone approached him asking for a photoshoot with his dog. 

“I met up with him and had the photoshoot, and he explained his love for his dog,” Kenzie recalled. “The incredible stories I heard from him really touched my heart so I wanted to see if other pet owners had similar stories.” 

After this shoot Kenzie began his path of photographing animals, which led to him shooting wild animals. 

“I’ve filmed tigers, bears, alligators, and wolves,” he said. “There are no cages, that’s my motto. If I’m going to film and take photos, there can’t be any cages, I have to be able to hug the animal.” 

Throughout his adventures around the world, Kenzie heard murmurs about the existence of sasquatch, but it wasn’t until the COVID-19 lockdowns that he would actively investigate the matter. 

“When we got into lockdowns, I wasn’t able to do my animal adventures,” he explained. “Over the years I’ve always heard about sasquatch. So out of curiosity, I met up with an eyewitness and interviewed them, and they sent me to others who had their own experiences with the creature.” 

Through his search, Kenzie found bizarre things in the wild such as trees jammed onto the ground upside down, and unexplained giant footprints. 

“Being an animal expert, it blows my mind because whatever I’m seeing out there doesn’t emit any animal behaviour,” he said. “Most animals, upon hearing the human voice, will run, but when we’re out there making noise, these creatures watch you.” 

This pet project of Kenzie began gaining traction when it was picked up for distribution by the following streaming platforms: 

  • Tubi
  • Nuclear Home Video
  • PlayNowMedia
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Plex.tv
  • Kinorium

“I couldn’t believe it,” said Kenzie. “I’m very humbled to be recognized and have all this stuff happen to me. All of a sudden I get companies that have faith in me and my ability to bring something entertaining to people. I just want to bring happiness and highlight the wonders of the forest.”

With Episode 8 expected to release next month, Kenzie is already working on Ep. 9 and 10. ‘Searching for Sasquatch’ is streaming now on all applicable streaming platforms.