Allan Dwayne Schoenborn, a father who killed his three children in 2008 in Merritt B.C., has been granted restricted, escorted access to the community in the form of escorted day leaves by the B.C. Review Board.

During a hearing on Tuesday, Schoenborn’s lawyer made the request for escorted day leaves on his behalf, the decision coming a year after his conviction and three years to the day he originally murdered his children.

The B.C. Review Board, in its annual review of Schoenborn to assess his threat to the community, decided to grant Schoenborn’s application under strict conditions.

Originally convicted of first-degree murder on Feb. 22, 2010 the judge agreed with the defence that Schoenborn was “not criminally responsible by reason of a mental disorder.”

The finding means that Schoenborn will never spend time in jail, instead his sentence is being lived out in the low-security Hawthorne House at the Forensic Psychiatric Institute in Port Coquitlam.

The review board granted Schoenborn’s request this year after a similar request last year found him still too volatile to be allowed access to the community.

Schoenborn also reportedly told staff that because he killed his children three years ago, he doesn’t pose a risk to society because he has no more children.

“I’ve been locked up for those three years and I think it’s time to turn from that now and seek community access,” Schoenborn told the hearing.

A victim impact statement was read by Schoenborn’s ex-wife Darcie Clarke, who said she feels unsafe and afraid at the thought of her ex-husband getting any kind of community access.

An emaciated Schoenborn was arrested April 16, 2008, in the hills outside Merritt following a massive 10-day manhunt.

Schoenborn plans to change his name to Aaron Klein in an attempt to hide his past. He is currently studying