On Monday, December 19, Scw’exmx Child and Family Services Society (SCFSS) will hold their monthly Women’s Group meeting. The program will take place in Shulus Hall from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., inviting the women of the Nicola Valley to come together in a safe environment for dinner and crafts. 

The Women’s Group is a monthly program that gathers women 19 and over to a safe space every third Monday of the month.  

“Scw’exmx Child and Family Services serve families in different capacities,” said the Women’s Group organizers. “We’re not only protection, we’re prevention. This is part of out prevention, creating that safe space and time for women.”

The idea for the group was originally started a few years ago, with the initial intention to serve the women under SCFSS

“It was a good outlet to get our clients together,” the organizers added. 

“It was put forward to me to broaden the spectrum of the women’s group, opening it to the communities.” 

The first session open to all women took place in May of this year. Since then, the group has continued to meet once a month, touching on cultural knowledge and participation. SCFSS said that this year’s theme has been all about women’s wellness. 

“The women have directed us on what they would like to do whether it’s crafts or cultural teaching. Sometimes we have a guest speaker come in, addressing women’s health. We share a meal and we also provide child minding so the women really have that opportunity to have some time to come together.” 

Activities the group has done over the months include yoga, movies, driving range, meal prepping, and heart attack identification. 

A Christmas theme is planned for this month’s group meeting. There will be crafts, dinner, and a sharing circle open for those who wish to participate.CNA and Journeys Into Tomorrow Transition House will be collaborating with SCFSS for this month. 

“We’re in the works of putting together a women’s conference in the beginning of March,” 

“We’re collaborating with a lot of the local agencies and we’re really excited to be bringing this forward that weekend for our women.” 

For more information please contact Scw’exmx Child and Family Services Society at (250) 378-2771