The school district is increasing its deficit for 2016-17.

The budget deficit is increasing by $288,000, which will come out of reserve funds.

SD 58 secretary treasurer Kevin Black said the school district has received additional revenues of $480,000 this year, but additional expenses of $768,000.

“We have purposely spent some dollars out of our reserve, so some of the areas are for professional development for teachers — that’s a big part of it,” said Black.

The funds were used for a variety of initiatives including new curriculum project based learning, and equipment such as smart boards, emergency planning kits and outdoor equipment.

Increasing the budget deficit mid-school year isn’t uncommon, Black told the Herald.

The district raised the deficit by about $290,000 last year in 2015-16 to about $1.59 million.

With the added expenses this year, SD 58’s deficit budget is now nearly $1.8 million.

“I don’t want to have a deficit budget, but we will have another [next year], to the tune of how much that remains to be seen,” said Black.

SD 58 has about $5.64 million in reserve funds.

“We’ve only got a certain amount of reserve dollars,” said Black, noting that the district budgets conservatively, but can’t afford to continue to run deficits.