School District 58 recently held a handball tournament with six elementary schools participating. On March 16 and 17, the elementary schools of SD58 gathered at the former Coquihalla Middle School (CMS) building to play in a round robin style tournament, until one boys team and one girls team emerged victorious. 

Some of the key rules displayed in the CMS gym were to encourage sportsmanship-like behavior from all teams, and to remember that many of the skills learned in handball can be transferred to other school sports like basketball later on. 

Thursday saw the grade four and five boys teams facing off and Friday saw the grade four and five girls teams playing. The first game was scheduled for 10:30 a.m on both Thursday and Friday. The tournament lasted until 1:30 p.m. including the championship game. 

The schools that participated in the tournament were Nicola Canford Elementary, Collettville Elementary School, Merritt Central Elementary School, Vermilion Forks Elementary School, Merritt Bench Elementary School, and Diamond Vale Elementary School. 

The teams battled it out two at a time, round robin style until the top two emerged. Those two teams then went head to head in the championship game to see who would win it all. 

The teams that made it to the championship game on Thursday were representing Collettville and Diamond Vale elementary schools. On Friday the championship game was played by teams representing Bench and Central elementary schools. 

Collettville elementary school won the boys championship game, and on Friday the team from Bench Elementary School won the girls championship game.