After a search by the RCMP’s Under Water Recovery Team over the weekend yielded negative results, the search for two missing Lower Mainland fisherman at nearby Stump Lake continues. 

The search didn’t return no results, though, as Merritt RCMP Detachment Commander Josh Roda said fishing gear and jackets were found floating well under the surface. The men and their aluminum fishing boat remain missing, presumed drowned by police.

“They did an extensive search of the north end of the lake where the debris was found, which unfortunately turned up nothing at this point,” Roda told the Herald

While the search team has moved on to another assignment after spending Friday (June 23) to Sunday (June 25), they plan to continue the search on Wednesday (June 28). 

Merritt Mounties said in their original release that they were notified in the early morning hours of June 20, 2023, that two fishermen hailing from the Lower Mainland were missing on Stump Lake. The fishermen had been last seen by friends, fishing on the lake late into the evening, utilizing a small aluminum boat.  When the pair failed to return after dark, friends began to search for them, eventually calling police once their search was unsuccessful.

“We are not releasing the names of the missing fishermen at this time,” added Roda. “We want to give the families privacy while they try to comprehend what took place.”

Those recreating at the Stump Lake area who find debris that they believe may be associated with the missing fishermen are asked to contact the Merritt RCMP at 250-378-4262.