Dear Editor,

Re: Biosolids protest ill-informed and Biosolids boost farmland health, Merritt Herald, April 2

We, the concerned citizens in the Nicola Valley and elsewhere, who have indeed taken the time to do some research and read the science studies available to the public, are sincerely shocked at the lack of information shown in the two letters written to your paper by the Cooke ranching family in Merritt.

To suggest that the public is merely “rejecting the science behind the currently most sustainable form of fertilization … in favour of an emotional conclusion drawn out of fear” is an insult to the people of the Nicola Valley who have concerns all right, and for a darn good reason: we bothered to read the science.

They cite also the cost of synthetic fertilizer is “very expensive” and “the cost of organic fertilizer has gone down to nothing and is still safe.”

Instead of “arguing with anyone about the science,” perhaps they should actually read it if they think for one minute that they are leaving the land in better condition than before they added all the potentially toxic material that comes with any biosolids. They really need to stop and take a good long look at what the real science tells everyone.

The way B.C. is processing and handling its biowaste appears not to be sustainable. Other areas in Canada have already come to this conclusion. Areas in the U.S. are now realizing there has to be a better way.

The science community that is releasing impartial science studies will not be ignored for much longer. There is too much at stake.

We have empathy for the ranching community. We know how they have struggled in the past to maintain a business with, at times, almost insurmountable market hurdles. It is understandable they would want to choose a less expensive option for one of their most expensive business costs.

However, they must show the public the impartial, credible science that supports 100 per cent safety in using biosolids on land.

Give us the proof that it won’t contaminate the water, and that the air will not smell from destabilizing chemicals.

We want you to provide this to the public and we will pack up and go home and start to have our lives back. Unfortunately, this will not happen. There is no published science worldwide that concludes there is no risk in using biosolids.

Georgia Clement

Friends of the Nicola Valley