The Shackan Indian Band has received an application from its membership seeking the removal of Chief Arnold Lampereau, citing the Chief allegedly violating his oath of office. The application, presented by former Shackan Chief Percy Joe, will go to arbitration on December 12, 2022. 

Joe’s application was initially presented at a meeting two months ago, where, in addition to the application for his removal, Lampreau and his partner, Community Wellness Manager and Membership Clerk Lenora Starr, were temporarily suspended. 

The suspensions, put in place over a concern for the security of band documents, were reversed by council after they found their Election Code did not allow for the suspension of elected officials, and a concern over already low levels of staffing at the band office. Shackan Band is currently without a permanent band administrator.

“Notice is hereby given that an application has been received to remove Chief Arnold Lampreau in accordance with section 23 of the Shackan Custom Elections Code,” reads a band release. 

“The application states that Chief Arnold Lampreau has violated sections I through X of the Chief and Council Oath of Office and for this reason should be removed from office.” 

The Herald has reached out to Lampreau for comment. Shackan Band staff declined to comment on the matter.

Shackan Band has chosen election consultant Ron Laufer as their limited interim band administrator to carry out procedural tasks associated with the removal application, while Huu-ay-aht First Nations Tribunal Chair John Rich has been tapped as the case’s arbitrator. Both parties named in the application, Joe and Lampreau, will have a chance to present witnesses and evidence for and against the removal of the Chief, before the arbitrator asks questions of participants. A decision on Lampreau’s removal is expected within weeks.

“Notice is hereby given that the arbitrator has set a date, time, and place for a hearing of the application to remove Chief Arnold Lampreau in accordance with section 23 of the Shackan Custom Election Code,” said a release on the band’s website.

“Within 21 days of the hearing, the arbitrator’s reasoned decision one the application shall be posted at the Band Administration Building, on the website, and in a few other locations on reserve, and will be mailed to all Shackan voters who ordinarily reside off reserve for whom the band has a mailing address.” 

The application required a $200 deposit, along with the support of 15 percent of Shackan’s 123 person voter base. Both thresholds were met after payment was made, and 31 members signed Joe’s petition. The hearing date has been set for December 12 at 2PM. It will take place at the Comfort Inn on Dewolf Way. 

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