Ranch hands and cowboys alike took the reigns this weekend at the Nicola Valley Ranch Rodeo, showing off their ranching skills to a crowd of eager spectators.

The thirteenth annual ranch rodeo took place at the Nicola Valley Rodeo Grounds in Collettville on Saturday (August 26), organized by the Elliott and Martindale families, along with the support of a number of volunteers and sponsors.

The Nicola Valley Ranch Rodeo is comprised of 14 teams, all area ranches, competing in events such as sorting, branding, doctoring, cow milking, bronc riding and horse racing. 

After the dust in the riding arena settled, the final results were as follows:

Top Hand: Adian Cox 

Top Ranch Horse Competitor: Adian Cox

Bronc Riding: 

1st: Greg Vowk 

2nd: Caleb Poss 

3rd: Will Peters

Ranch Rodeo: 

1st : D Bar D 

2nd : Stump Lake Ranch 

3rd : DLR Alkali Lake Ranch 

4th : Beaver Ranch

Marius Auer/Herald

Marius Auer/Herald

Marius Auer/Herald