An open letter to BC Hydro:

The technology market offers a choice between two kinds of smart meters. There is the relatively benign variety, which transmits its data over land lines. And then there is the other kind – the type of smart meter that BC Hydro is imposing on British Columbians – which includes an embedded microwave-emitting, wireless communication transmitter (“the Microwave Device”).

On May 31, 2011, the World Health Organization recognized that radiofrequency electromagnetic fields are a Class 2B possible human cancer risk. The emissions generated by the Microwave Device fall under this classification of emissions and risk.

Why are we being exposed to this risk and who is behind it? BC Hydro is, for all its purposes, an agent of the government and its powers may be exercised only as an agent of the government.

The imposition of a microwave transmitter in our homes by a government agent strikes an Orwellian tone; it violates the sanctity of the home and is inconsistent with the very nature of a free society. In a world full of toxic chemicals and radiation, the home is the last place of refuge, a zone of autonomous control and free choice. It is a private place where the state should not be imposing itself or its devices.

This is about freedom of choice. Given the existing concerns regarding the risk to health and safety by these Microwave Devices, we decline to have them at our homes and we prohibit you from entering our properties for the purpose of installing such devices.

You assert your contractual right to “access” to your equipment. We concede that you may continue to access our properties for the purpose of reading our present analogue meters. If an analogue meter needs replacement, you may replace it with another analogue meter. Our problem is not with what you are “accessing” – it is what you are seeking to leave behind. Your right of access does not go so far so as to entitle you to install a device that continuously generates toxic radiation.

Neither does the Clean Energy Act give you that entitlement. In fact, that legislation does not require, authorize, or even mention the Microwave Devices or their functional capabilities. You admit that the benign land-line variety of smart meter would fulfill the communication and transmission functionality requirements as prescribed by the CEA, but you continue to impose the toxic Microwave Device on B.C. residents against our explicit objection. You abuse your power by continuing with installations despite the fact that the interpretation of the Clean Energy Act is a matter currently before the British Columbia Court of Appeal.

We say no to your entry onto our lands for the purpose of installing Microwave Devices. You have responded by threatening to cut off our power, but British Columbians will not accede to the strong arm of the state as exercised through the unilateral and coercive actions of BC Hydro. In our view, neither will the courts.

The Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

Citizens for Safe Technology Society