A smoky skies advisory from Environment Canada will remain in place this week despite clear skies returning to the Nicola Valley.

The number of forest fires burning in B.C. led to smoke covering large parts of the province earlier this week.

Smoke concentrations will vary wildly due to wind, fire behaviour and temperature change.

People with chronic underlying medical conditions are advised to postpone strenuous exercise until this advisory is lifted.

The advisory could be lifted if a weather system expected this weekend carries winds and precipitation that significantly reduces fire activity. If it doesn’t, the advisory will likely remain in place for weeks,” Environment Canada meteorologist Ralph Adams said.

Staying indoors in air conditioned spaces will reduce exposure to fine particulates. Exposure is a concern for infants, the elderly, people with diabetes, and lung or heart disease.

Anyone who experiences symptoms of chest pain, difficulty breathing, sudden cough or irritation of airways should contact their health care provider. Avoid strenuous outdoor activity if you’re experiencing these symptoms.

Smoky skies advisories are in place for many parts of the province.