On August 22, Aspen Planers donated a cheque in the amount of $1,000 to the Soup Bowl program. 

The donation made by the company, which matches a donation made by Aspen’s employee, was very well received by the Soup Bowl team.

Michael Furman, Soup Bowl’s program coordinator, said the donation will help them improve their facility.

“We are working on increasing our space and storage space within the building, and converting a lot of our equipment and stuff to commercial size,” he said.

Furman said the improvements will help the food to last longer and will also help with their cooking volume, which has increased in the past few years.

“It will make a big difference down the road,” he said.

The Soup Bowl program hosted at St. Michael’s Anglican Church, located at 1990 Chapman St., aims to offer a warm soup and buns for those in need. 

Furman said people can still continue to help the program run by donating.

“We can take donations, either monetary donations and we can also take food donations, as long as they’re still packaged,” he said.

Furman said they are really grateful for the donation.

“We are quite appreciative of what they are doing for us and for others in the community.”