The Nicola Valley Community Arts Council’s (NVCAC) first show of 2023 takes its audience to a citrus infused journey. 


Dubbed ‘Still Life: Beyond Fruit’, the show features still life, an artform which features inanimate objects, framed strategically for artists to express their creativity. 


“We want to express the mood of the season for this show, when things are still and contemplative, both inside and out,” said Gallery Curator Jano Howarth in a press release.


“We are looking forward to a show from the common fruit scenes to creative takes on Still Life, a very popular genre of art through the ages.

Still Life: Beyond Fruit. Izaiah Reyes/Herald

The local arts gallery filled their space with different paintings, from flowers to boots.  The most popular type of subject from all the submissions are the fruits


“We put up a call out to the community and I displayed everything that came in,”  said Guest Curator Barbara Sayles. “I had a lot of response from the community. The quality of their work is really good and I’m really pleased with it.”


Sayles noted that there were about thirty art pieces that were submitted for this show. As the acting Arts Council Guest Curator for this show, she is covering for Curator Jano Haworth who will return for the next showcase. 


“It’s been really fun,” said Sayles about the experience. “I love arranging everything. Considering colors, using my creativity, and pairing items that look great together was very enjoyable for me to do.” 


The art pieces became available for viewing on February 2, and they will be on display until mid March. The Nicola Valley Arts Gallery is located in downtown Merritt, along the corner of Voght Street and Nicola Avenue, open Wednesdays to Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and on Sundays from 12 noon to 4 p.m.