Dear Editor,

My name is Aidan and I’m a Grade 3 student at Bench Elementary School. I’m writing to you because our greenhouse got trashed.

After spring break, Mrs. Anderson from the community garden came in and spent the whole day helping kids plant seeds.

The next week after we planted the seeds, someone climbed the fence and dumped all the pots.

Then Mrs. Swan came in and spent a whole day replanting all of the seeds.

Our plants are now a week behind and our class is very disappointed and upset about that. We don’t understand why they would do such a thing for no reason? We hope they feel bad for what they did.

Carter, Daxson, Gregory, Nick, Samuel, Nate, Lucas, Kailyn, Logan, Tyson, Kennedy, Riley, Matthew, Jaydalyn, Kelsey W., Kelsey S., Kendra, Ashley, Maia, Brookie, Nathan,

Mrs. Swan, Mrs. Kanigan

Merritt Bench Elementary