Merritt Secondary School graduate Kaitlyn Suzuki took home a bevy of awards in multiple classes from the high school’s awards ceremony earlier this month.

The Grade 12 student earned 10 awards on June 4.

Suzuki won awards for having the top marks in Grade 12 French, English, drawing and painting, history, biology and physics classes.

She was also named to the principal’s honours list and took home the Mayon Cup, which is awarded to the Grade 12 student who has the highest academic standing.

Suzuki took home the Dalton Trophy – awarded based on the recipient’s citizenship, scholarship, fine arts, athletics, service and general impressions.

She was one of two recipients of the Rotary Service Award, which is presented to the student who contributed the most to the functioning of the school through hours of service.

Suzuki describes herself as a hardworking individual.

“Everything I do, I put a lot of effort into it. If I’m going to do something, I want to make sure it’s done well,” she said.

Suzuki told the Herald that though she spends enough time doing homework in order to do a good job and spends time studying, there is more to this recent graduate than just her studies.

“It’s not all I do,” Suzuki said, noting she plays three different school sports, is on student council, and does volunteer work.

“It keeps me busy, which I like,” she said of the various activities that demand her time.

“I do spend a fair amount of time watching TV, too,” Suzuki said with a laugh.

Next fall, the lifelong Merrittonian will venture away from home for the first time when she begin her post-secondary education at the University of Victoria.

Though she’s won awards in various categories, Suzuki knows exactly what subject her post-secondary education will focus on.

She plans to study engineering and said she decided on that subject because its an area where she can have an impact on people.

“I want to go into biomedical engineering, which involves the development of medical equipment, so through that I can help improve people’s lives,” Suzuki told the Herald.

Although Suzuki has lived in Merritt her whole life, Victoria will not be a strange city for her.

“I’ve been to Victoria a lot. Part of my family lives there, so it won’t be too new,” she said.