Life in British Columbia has never been more unaffordable. A simple everyday errand, like running to the grocery store, is now costing people more than we could have ever expected.

This rate of taxation is completely unsustainable, and many people are already slipping through the cracks. That’s why Kevin Falcon and the BC United team have launched our common sense tax reform policy so that we can lower the cost of everyday living.

To do this, we would immediately remove the provincial fuel tax, saving drivers up to 15 cents per litre on gasoline and diesel. This means you could save $30 every time you fill up your truck, or almost $20 for a minivan. The impact this will have on our small communities, where public transit is inaccessible, is overwhelming.

Further to this point, we would also remove the carbon tax for on-farm fuel use, driving down costs for our farmers and ranchers who have been struggling with little support for far too long. The lowering cost

of production will lead to cheaper food costs helping to deliver food to your table without breaking the bank.

Third, we will remove the carbon tax that is heating your homes. This shouldn’t even be a question; home heating is a necessity in Canada.

Finally, we will end this government’s consistent carbon tax hikes, and freeze it at today’s rate. British Columbians should not be subject to continually increasing prices in the years ahead.

For far too long, the NDP government has ignored the cries of British Columbians, saying that the cost of living is out of their hands. This is far from the truth, and a BC United government plans to use all available tools to drive costs down and deliver money back into your pockets.

Jackie Tegart is the MLA for Fraser-Nicola.