Making a comeback for its 28th annual rendition, the Nicola Valley Cruisers Club ‘Show n’ Shine’ will once again see Central Park filled with squeaky clean vehicles of all ages, presented by their proud owners from all over the province. While continuing with the usual car show traditions, this year’s event will feature some brand-new additions in the electric vehicle space.

The ‘Show n’ Shine’ takes place on Sunday, July 24, at Central Park. Attendees will be treated to hot weather, classic cars, a new ‘People’s Choice’ award, and interactive demonstrations that previous shows haven’t had. Organizers expect a good turnout to this year’s event, with pandemic restrictions having limited large gatherings for more than two years. 
“We’ll probably reach around 120 entries. Because of what’s happened the past few years, I think people want to get out and enjoy the shows and the cars,” said Susan Roline, founding member of the Nicola Valley Cruisers Club Association.

Roline says the Cruisers Club is excited to be bringing back the beloved community event, fostering a space for the appreciation of vehicles from all eras and all over the province, and to interact with fellow Merrittonians. Lining up on the grass at Central Park, a number of vehicles will be on display in hopes of highlighting the hard work and dedication that goes into maintaining vehicles to a high standard. Merritt’s ‘Show n’ Shine’ is known province-wide for its cooling grass surface rather than the hot asphalt of parking lots.

The Nicola Valley Cruisers Club is collaborating with the Rotary Club of Merritt for this year’s ‘Show n’ Shine’ to educate the public on newer modes of transportation, specifically electric powered bicycles and motorcycles. A piece of the park will be designated for attendees to try out an electric powered bike for themselves.

“This year, we have the Rotary Club joining in with us to do a display on electric modes of transportation. They’re going to have different electric vehicles there like motorbikes and bicycles. People will have the opportunity to ride one, so we’re sectioning off a good space for them to do that in.”

A returning feature of this year’s show is the absence of a registration fee, with the Cruisers Club opting to recuperate their costs through sponsorships and t-shirt sales. Roline says this decision was very popular with those who entered the show, and streamlined the process of entering a high volume of vehicles for the one-day show. 

“There is no registration fee. We used to charge a fee to come in, but just to simplify the process, we’ve decided not to do that. We get sponsorships, put the sponsor’s name on a t-shirt, and sell those to cover our costs.” 

Any profits from this year’s show will go to benefit a local who was severely impacted by the atmospheric river-caused flooding event of November 2021. Roline says the Cruiser Club is focused on supporting causes within the community, especially after the devastation of last year’s flooding.

The 28th annual ‘Show n’ Shine’ is sure to be a great time for all ages, and everyone is welcome to join in on the fun this Sunday, July 24, from 10am-2pm. Attendees can enjoy the summer day outdoors, and even vote on their favourite vehicle. Local dignitaries, such as Mayor Linda Brown, will also be in attendance.

“Spectators can come in and walk around the grounds to see the cars. We have the Mayor’s Choice trophy, where Mayor Linda Brown will come and pick a vehicle of her choice. The recipient is given a trophy, and their name goes on the larger trophy that sits in the council chambers.” 

For more information, or to register, call (250) 378-9569.