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Finding the best mattress in a box can be challenging and time-consuming. Between shipping, warranties, different cooling technologies, and other details, you might know where to start searching for the best bed-in-a-box available in Canada. Luckily, we have done the work for you! So, what is the best bed-in-a-box in Canada?

Well, it depends! Every sleeper has individual needs that require their bed-in-a-box to feature a variety of characteristics. We have sorted through a wide range of bed-in-a-box mattress brands to help find the best options out of hundreds. Since “best” is subjective to the sleeper, we have categorized our list of top mattress-in-a-boxes by unique features every sleeper can appreciate!

Our Best Choice for a Canadian Bed in a Box Mattress

The Silk & Snow Hybrid is our choice for the best Canadian bed in a box mattress. This hybrid mattress features 1,200 Canadian pocket coils that provide excellent support and pressure relief. Meanwhile, cooling gel foams reduce temperatures. Those who sleep hot will love the feel of this mattress. It’s also ideal for side sleepers and couples.

1.   Silk & Snow Hybrid Mattress

Best Canadian Bed in a Box Mattress Overall

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The Silk & Snow Hybrid is our top pick for a Canadian bed in a box mattress. It offers a pleasant combination of body heat reduction and plush support. The medium-firm feel of the mattress is ideal for most Canadians, especially side sleepers. Zoned support helps keep you comfortable no matter how you sleep, with firmer coils across the middle of the mattress to support your back and hips.

The antimicrobial cover is great for people with allergies. While it isn’t removable, it stays clean and fresh because it restricts the growth of bacteria. Inside the mattress, you’ll find two layers of cooling foam. These layers work together to relieve deep pressure points, balance your body, and reduce heat throughout the mattress. The mattress’s core uses up to 1,200 pocket coils depending on the size you choose. The coils are zoned for support, and a perimeter of dense edge support foam prevents sagging and maintains support.

  • Best For: Couples, side sleepers, hot sleepers
  • Firmness: Medium Firm
  • Type: Hybrid
  • Sleep Trial: 100 Nights
  • Warranty: 15 Years

Who might like the Silk & Snow Hybrid Mattress?

  • Side sleepers: Rather than having one type of firmness everywhere, this mattress has extra support under the hips and softer coils under the shoulder area to cradle and hold optimal side-sleeping positions. The pressure-relieving memory foam also provides unmatched support to keep your favourite sleeping position comfortable all night.
  • Couples: Up to 1,200 Canadian-pocketed coils absorb motion transfer to stop sleep interruptions. The extra firm perimeters prevent flattening when laying or sitting on the edge – offering a reinforced structure when multiple sleepers require more mattress surface area.
  • Hot sleepers: A gel-infused memory foam layer helps keep your body cool and comfy. The open space between the foam layers and the coils creates a cooling effect of filtering heat for fresh air.

Who should avoid the Silk & Snow Hybrid Mattress?

  • Stomach sleepers: Laying on your stomach requires firmer support and keeping your hips level with your shoulders. The layered firmness under the shoulder and hip areas that are perfect for side sleepers may be lumpy and uncomfortable for stomach sleepers.

2.   Logan & Cove Frontier Mattress

Best Luxury Mattress in Canada

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The Logan & Cove Frontier is a luxurious cooling mattress that breaks out of the traditional hybrid mattress construction. While most hybrid mattresses use a single layer of pocket coils, the Logan & Cove Frontier uses a second layer of Aeroduct micro-coils to enhance contouring and provide additional support. This layer is nestled right in the centre of the mattress. It helps promote airflow and relieve pressure as well. At the surface of the mattress, you’ll find a comfortable Euro-top section that includes hollow fibre fill, gel-infused foam, and CryoFusion nanofibers for cool sleep and gentle pressure relief.

Inside the mattress are four supportive layers. The first layer is ecoLuxe, a cooling gel foam made with less carbon input than standard memory foam. This layer provides great cushion and prevents the micro-coils below from feeling too firm. The micro-coil layer is next, followed by premium Elastex. This is a latex alternative that is made with fewer chemicals, making it perfect for those with allergies. Finally, the zoned coil base reduces back pain and provides strong support. Firmer coils through the centre of the mattress and around the edges help keep you well-supported from one edge of the mattress to the other.

  • Best For: Side sleepers, hot sleepers, users with back pain
  • Firmness: Medium Firm
  • Type: Hybrid
  • Sleep Trial: 365 Nights
  • Warranty: 15 Years

Who might like the Logan & Cove Frontier Mattress?

  • Side Sleepers: The layers of pressure-relieving foams and the comfortable Euro-top help reduce pressure, which can make side sleepers more comfortable. It contours to your body to help promote better alignment and relieve pressure points.
  • Hot Sleepers: Between the Elastex latex alternative foam, cooling gel foam, and the hollow-fill fibre fill, this mattress reduces heat. Those who sleep hot can stay comfortable throughout the night.
  • Sleepers with Back Pain: The zoned pocket coils and firm support can help reduce strain on your back and joints. Those who suffer from back pain may feel more comfortable on the Logan & Cove Frontier.

Who should avoid the Logan & Cove Frontier Mattress?

  • Couples: Though this mattress is ideal for most sleepers, couples may have some issues with it. The motion isolation capabilities aren’t as strong as those with restless partners may need.

3.   Douglas Alpine Mattress

Best Canadian All-Foam Mattress

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The Douglas Alpine is the company’s midline mattress. It combines all of the best features of the original Douglas mattress with better cooling, pressure relief, and enhanced motion isolation for couples. All of the same features are here, with a CoolSense cover that promotes better airflow and phase-changing materials to prevent overheating. A strong motion isolation support base helps keep you comfortable without allowing your partner’s movements to wake you up in the middle of the night.

The Douglas Alpine uses three layers of foam to create a comfortable feel. The base provides strong support, and the layers above might not be enough to cushion side sleepers entirely. While the firmness is ideal for side sleepers, some may not prefer this mattress. The three layers of foam include ecoLight gel foam with phase-changing material, a layer of latex-alternative Elastex foam, and a thick motion isolation support base.

  • Best For: Hot sleepers, lightweight sleepers, and couples
  • Firmness: Medium Firm
  • Type: All Foam
  • Sleep Trial: 365 Nights
  • Warranty: 20 Years

Who might like the Douglas Alpine Mattress?

  • Hot sleepers: The mattress is made with multiple premium foam layers with a cooling gel designed to reduce body heat, paired with Polar® temperature-balancing technology. A CoolSense® Cover contains sustainable Infinitex™ fibres for moisture control.
  • Lightweight sleepers: A third layer of foam in the mattress’s structure comprises Premium Elastex® Foam, providing a comfortable blend of bounce and firmness. Restless nights are also reduced with extra supportive cushioning for improved pressure-point relief.
  • Couples: The fourth and final layer is made of motion isolation support foam, reducing the effect of bumps, shakes, and vibrations to provide comfort up to the edge of the mattress. Additionally, the heat absorption capability makes it easier to snuggle without overheating.

Who should avoid the Douglas Alpine Mattress?

  • Strict side sleepers: Although this bed in a box is not as firm as others, sleepers who primarily sleep on their side will appreciate a more evenly balanced mattress feel.

4.   Endy Mattress

Best Canadian Mattress for Couples

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The Endy Mattress is a great option for couples because of its motion isolation technology. This mattress uses open-cell foam to stop motion in its tracks, preventing the spread of motion from affecting you if your partner is restless. While some mattresses allow motion to travel freely between partners, the Endy works to reduce transfer so you can sleep more peacefully. It uses three layers of foam to create a unique feel, and it is especially comfortable for those who prefer not to sink into the mattress.

The micro-quilted cover is completely removable and machine-washable. When it’s time to freshen your bed, you can simply throw this cover into the wash. Inside is a top layer of Endy’s proprietary Comfort Foam. This open-cell foam is extremely breathable and helps reduce motion transfer. The middle layer of transition foam does most of the heavy lifting for the mattress, reducing pressure points and stopping motion as it happens. Finally, the supportive base of the mattress provides alignment for those who need a little extra help getting comfortable in the middle of the night.

  • Best For: Active sleepers, budget sleepers, and side sleepers
  • Firmness: Medium
  • Type: All-Foam
  • Sleep Trial: 100 Nights
  • Warranty: 15 Years

Who might like the Endy Mattress?

  • Budget-conscious shoppers: This Canadian-made mattress is one of the most inexpensive bed-in-a-box on this list. It has a lower-than-average one-time payment for a quality product.
  • Firmness sleepers: This Canadian bed-in-a-box features an Endy Comfort Foam layer that is highly responsive to support needs, cradling contours without creating the feeling of sinking in. A high-density base layer helps maintain a firm feel for an extended time that doesn’t fluctuate with seasonal temperature changes.
  • Active people: Sleepers with busy lifestyles will benefit from the transition foam layer that provides comfortable pressure relief to reduce aches and pains. However, the second layer of Comfort Foam still maintains a firm structure for durable, non-sinking support.

Who should avoid the Endy Mattress?

  • Soft sleepers: Those who prefer a pillowy feel over a firm surface may not enjoy the mattress’ qualities that specifically focus on providing sturdy support.

5.   Octave Vista Mattress

Best Mattress in Canada for Cooling

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The Octave Vista mattress is the company’s best-selling option, even though it is the basic choice in their mattress lineup. This mattress uses three layers of foam to create a cool, comforting sleep. It doesn’t feel like any other mattress on the market, making it ideal for those who are looking for a unique and comfortable experience. The cover is extremely breathable and uses CryoFusion nanofibers to gently wick away heat, preventing build-up. This is the first line of defence against night sweats.

The second layer is a CopperGel memory foam, which is infused with copper to conduct heat away from you as you sleep. This layer also uses PolarMAX phase-changing materials to reduce temperatures, keeping you comfortable on the surface of the mattress. The middle layer is premium Elastex, the latex alternative that uses fewer chemicals than natural latex. This layer reduces pressure and improves responsiveness, which adds some important bounce back into the mattress. The final layer is a multi-zone support system that uses air channels to create additional breathability for the mattress as a whole.

  • Best For: Hot sleepers, couples, and edge sleepers
  • Firmness: Medium Firm
  • Type: All-foam
  • Sleep Trial: 365 Nights
  • Warranty: 15 Years

Who might like the Octave Vista Mattress?

  • Hot sleepers: Multiple layers of cooling materials and additional airflow techniques can help you achieve cooler sleep, especially if you sleep hot. This mattress disperses uncomfortable heat build-up throughout the night so you don’t wake up sweating.
  • Couples: The motion isolation on this mattress does a good job for couples, especially those who are only sometimes restless. If you struggle with a lot of motion transfer, this may not be the right mattress for you.
  • Edge sleepers: Even though the Octave Vista doesn’t use edge support foam, this mattress has excellent edge support. Those who sit or sleep near the edge of the mattress can get comfortable here without sagging or any loss of support.

Who should avoid the Octave Vista Mattress?

  • Sleepers with pressure points: While the pressure relief on this mattress is passable, it may not be ideal for those who value pressure relief over other features.

6.   The Silk & Snow Mattress

Best Canadian Mattress for Pressure Relief

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The Silk & Snow Mattress is an all-foam option that offers great pressure relief. While side sleepers may need more cushion, stomach and back sleepers will enjoy the pressure-relieving foam layers and strong support from the core of the mattress. It uses three layers of foam inside a zip-off, machine-washable cover with antimicrobial properties.

Inside the mattress is a layer of high-density gel foam, which works to wick away heat and moisture throughout the night. It’s extremely durable, especially when paired with the middle layer of performance foam. This transitional layer promotes deep pressure relief and motion isolation, so you don’t wake up when your partner can’t get comfortable. Finally, a thick layer of support foam provides a durable foundation that helps promote better alignment throughout the mattress.

  • Best For: Stomach sleepers, back sleepers, budget sleepers
  • Firmness: Medium
  • Type: All-foam
  • Sleep Trial: 100 Nights
  • Warranty: 15 Years

Who might like the Silk & Snow Mattress?

  • Stomach sleepers: The comforting layers of foam don’t offer much give, so stomach sleepers won’t wake up with back pain.
  • Back sleepers: Back sleepers need a plush surface with strong support, making this mattress ideal for most back sleepers.
  • Budget sleepers: The Silk & Snow Mattress is made with high-quality materials, but it comes at an extremely reasonable price. Those looking for a mattress that won’t break the bank should check this one out.

Who should avoid the Silk & Snow Mattress?

  • Side sleepers: The comfort section of this mattress is quite thin, which might not be comfortable for those who sleep on their sides.

Choosing the Best Canadian Bed in a Box for You

Choosing the right mattress is not always plain and simple. Various factors make a mattress ideal or unhelpful for your sleeping needs. If the beds above don’t seem like a perfect fit, you can shop with need-to-know details to guide you. You can use the guide below to help you not feel overwhelmed and pinpoint important bed-in-a-box features to know when selecting the right mattress.


The mattresses available in Canada usually fall into one of these two construction categories.

  • Foam mattresses typically come in gel, latex, and memory foam. The foam is designed to sink in to cradle your body while maintaining a supportive structure. They are quiet and comfortable and help isolate movement. Foam can also help align your spine better and prevent painful pressure points.
  • Hybrid mattresses combine foam layers with pocket coils to optimize comfort, cooling, and support. The designs are versatile and help eliminate or reduce the common problems with all-foam mattresses.

Sleeping Positions

All sleepers should look for a mattress that is easy to move on, doesn’t feel like quicksand, and reduces motion transfer. A medium-firm mattress with support and bounce is often the best choice.

  • Side sleepers require a mattress to support their hips and shoulders without the surface being too rigid. Beds with soft to medium-firm feeling are best and should have a foam layer to support body contours.
  • Stomach sleepers generally require firmer support to align their hips with their shoulders. Mattresses allowing the hip area to sink below the shoulders can cause pain in your middle and lower back.
  • Back sleepers need support that keeps their back aligned, often found with a medium-firm mattress. A surface area with a little give around the shoulders and hips can help find the balance needed between comfort and support.

Cooling Technology

Cooling technologies help reduce the build-up of heat within the mattress. This is extremely important if you sleep hot or experience frequent night sweats. The following cooling technologies can help reduce temperatures on the surface of the mattress, preventing an excess of heat.

  • Cooling or breathable covers allow better thermal regulation than traditional cotton covers. The fabrics also tend to have moisture-wicking properties that help keep the bed surface cooler and fresher.
  • Open-cell foams improve airflow by creating empty spaces in the material. Hot air is ventilated out and replaced by cooler air. This prevents heat retention in the bed.
  • Gel-infused foam, primarily used as a top layer, helps provide an instant cooling sensation. It is slow to retain heat and will give continuous cooling effects with proper ventilation.
  • Innovative pocket coils are wrapped with fabric to enhance free air passage and ventilation. The empty spaces created by the coils also create effective air distribution, helping to eliminate any hot air that builds up as you sleep.


Of course, each sleeper will need different types of support. The following support features can help those who need a little help in this area.

  • Targeted support placement helps with pain management by identifying focus areas that require additional support. The support is typically given by creating zones with different types of coils or added foam material to increase or reduce firmness in areas where pressure points are common.
  • Firmness stops a sinking-in feeling that strains or puts too much pressure on sensitive areas like the shoulders, knees, and hips. A medium-firm feel is a popular choice for cushioned comfort and support.
  • Mattress layers play a significant role in surface quality. Hybrid layers generally provide coil support and foam comfort to balance between too hard and too soft, cradling your body and supporting it as needed.
  • Motion isolation reduces motion by reducing the amount of motion that can transfer from one side of the bed to the other. Even when your partner is tossing and turning, you are unlikely to feel it if a mattress has decent motion isolation.