Growing up in a small town is exciting for the kids of Merritt, especially with the opportunity to become drivers on the streets in town. As a new driver myself, I am learning the rules of the road and although I still have a lot to learn, I enjoy the new responsibility and freedom that comes with having my drivers license. However, one major problem remains: following the rules of the road without the support of adult drivers.

I am sure all adults recall learning how to drive: their first moments behind the wheel, driving with friends, and blasting music on late night drives. Getting a driver’s license is truly a spectacular event in a young person’s life. 

Although, the rules and experience of driving has changed since the adults of the town got their licenses. Merritt is a bigger city, getting a license takes longer, and certain events around the area of the school cause stress on us beginner drivers. These factors makes it increasingly difficult for the young drivers in town to become safe and confident behind the wheel. 

I know some of my peers may make it difficult for experienced drivers to be patient; we may not signal in time, go too fast or slow, and are always in a rush. We are still learning the rules of the road, and the speed zones of the town. What we ask, as beginner drivers, is for others to be patient with us. We are students of the school, so respect our student designated parking that is meant for us, not any other event in the area. As a school community, we are trying to learn and grow into adults, but that can only happen with the help and support of others. Please respect our driving, and respect our parking. With your support and respect, we can become experienced drivers, as well as the future of the City of Merritt.