Rockin River made its triumphant return after its two-year break due to COVID-19 restrictions. The four-day festival featured 30 talented musical acts which included Tim McGraw, Darius Rucker, and the founder himself, Kenny Hess.

“In my opinion, the event was very well received by all who came and the acts were fantastic,” Hess exclaimed.
“All I know is I was thrilled to be back performing in front of the music starved fans who braved the heat and the dust to come join us at ‘the River’.”

2022 Rockin River Music Festival by Izaiah Reyes and Marius Auer

The festival was sponsored by Monster, Vuse, SiriusXM, Rockin Cowboy, and Bud Light. Hess mentioned the impact of last year’s November flooding event to the festival grounds. However he showered the landowners, Jukebox Entertainment Group, with praise for “an outstanding job considering all the cleanup repairs that had to be done.”

Aside from the outstanding music, the 40,000 patrons were able to enjoy food from 18 truck vendors, and the products and services of six different vendors, namely: Rootz Salon, City of merritt, JRFM, Vita Pro 21, Finding July, and Oh Snap Photobooth.
People also had the opportunity to beat the heat by going for a dip at the Coldwater River., “We hope by next year the festival will have everything and more for the people who have shown their support to us through all these years,” said Hess.
“I can’t wait for next year!”