For as long as many locals can remember, the Labour Day Street Market has been an event that was missing during the long weekend’s lineup of events and festivities. Luckily, an active group of residents have volunteered this year to revive the old event. The reintroduction of the street market will see a new generation of Merrittonians to carry the tradition for years to come.

The Labour Day Street Market is an event that has been gone so long that for locals who’ve lived in town for a decade, it may as well have never existed.

“I’ve been here seven years and the last market has been before that,” said Ellen Miller, head organizer of the street market. “It used to be a huge thing in Merritt during the Labour Day weekend.”
The revival project of the market was Miller’s brain child after learning about it through a Facebook post months prior.

“A lot of people were complaining about how we don’t have it anymore,” she explained. “The reason we didn’t is because there are no volunteers to organize it as there are only so many volunteers in town.”
After seeing the post, Miller was convinced that the event should make its return.

“I believed we can do it,” she said. “I got a team of volunteers together and now here we are.”

The team consisted of six volunteers who have been working for months to organize the event. Getting in touch with different organizations such as the Nicola Valley Arts Council, Nicola Valley Farmers Association, and the Nicola Valley Cruisers Car Club Association.

The market will be taking place along Quilchena Avenue and will occupy three blocks dedicated to specific categories; Farmers Market vendors, a food, miscellaneous and entertainment section, and the Nicola Valley Cruisers booths.

Aside from the various vendors and booths, the market will also feature a musical performance by local artist, Bobby Garcia, an Illusionist for kids entertainment, and a number of contests, draws and door prizes for both vendors and patrons.

“I just want everybody to get out, have a nice day with the family, and have fun in the community,” said Miller. “There’s no entry fees required to come in so people can just come and wander around and enjoy themselves.”

The market will open along Quilchena Avenue on Saturday, September 3, from 9:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.