A Vancouver-based mining company is searching for answers after claiming a significant amount of ore has been stolen from one of their locations near Merritt.

Lionheart Exploration Inc. CEO and President Len Harris told the Herald that during a recent visit to the Peacock mine approximately 30 kilometres east of Merritt, a worker that was there to do soil sampling noticed that large piles of ore containing copper and gold had been removed from the site illegally.

The incident was reported to the RCMP in early October, though Harris said no leads have been produced as of yet.

He believes around 30-50 tonnes of ore was taken, worth approximately $3.60 per pound.

Lionheart Operations Manager Chris Delorme sent a video to the Herald showing recently-dug holes and piles.

“They’re stealing our ore,” Delorme says in the video. “You can see when you look, there is copper in all of these rocks, so they’re high-grading it.”

Anyone who may have any information related to the theft can contact Merritt RCMP at 250-378-4262.