This weekend Nicola Valley residents will have the chance to do a bit of spring cleaning and dispose of their junk for free at the landfill.

The TNRD’s annual Free Dump Day will take place this Sunday, May 15 and residents will be allowed to dump up to $20 worth of material at the Lower Nicola landfill for free.

Residents can bring any combination of material including household waste, demolition and construction waste, large furniture, water coolers, refrigerators/freezers, and white goods such as washers, dryers or stoves up to a $20 value. Anything above that will be subject to regular tipping fees.

TNRD Environmental Services technologist, Adriana Mailloux said that so far the TNRD’s numerous Free Dump Days around the region have received a positive response from residents. There have been eight Free Dump Days so far.

“Since we introduced tipping fees at our landfills and transfer stations, free dump days have become a great way to transition into a future model of a Pay-As-You-Throw system,” said Mailloux. “This is also a great way to help beautify your local community and help continue our push towards increased sustainability in the region.”

Free dumping will be available at the Lower Nicola Landfill located at 2348 Woodward Road between 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sunday.