Dear Editor:

So you can raise the dead … you just have to give them bad press. Harry Lali’s Sept. 4th letter to the editor was passionate; too bad we’re not seeing such passion directed at large landowners who illegally prevent access to public roads and lands.

I was surprised, though, that Lali admitted that this issue was brought to his attention March 19, 2010. A person with an ounce of pride would be embarrassed to point out that in two-and-a-half years he has been unable to force the Douglas Lake Cattle Co. to rightfully open roads and locked gates, even though there is a wealth of documentation supporting such an action.

Imagine what he would be like handling a meatier issue, like the controversial Northern Gateway Pipeline Project.

As for stating that I’m an unwitting victim of a co-ordinated BC Liberal letter campaign against the local MLA and the NDP (blah, blah, blah) … his inactivity as an MLA makes it so very simple for the Liberals.

Steve Soames

Merritt, B.C.