Tourism Nicola Valley (TNV) has won the 2024 Tourist Information Platform of the Year award by Canada Prestige Awards.

“Two years ago we won it for a different category,” Greg Girard, tourism advisor at Tourism Nicola Valley said. “This year, they inserted us in the Tourism Information Platform category and we were successful at that as well.”

Girard celebrated the news and said it means a lot not only to the tourism group, but also to the community of Merritt.

“It sort of reinforces everything that we believe in as Merrittonians of how wonderful the (Nicola) Valley is to live, work and play,” Girard added. “It’s just a pat on the back for the hard work of the Tourism directors on our board at TNV. It’s showing that with quality volunteerism, you can get a lot done within small communities, but it does take people to be successful.”

Girard describes the platform as “nothing else like it in Canada”, a place where both businesses and community members are allowed to create content.

“They can create content as events or photo galleries or videos, or even blogging stories and their content becomes part of the website,” he added. “So it never gets static, it never gets boring. It’s real people, in real time, putting up real adventures.”

He added that he is extremely proud by the fact that Tourism Nicola Valley was chosen, recognizing their innovative work into making tourism a big economic stimulator for the community. 

“I’m extremely excited for the future of the Nicola Valley and the local businesses here, on the tourism dollars that we will be bringing into the community,” he added. “I think it’s an absolute opportunity that we should all embrace. We’re very proud of the people who have put so much energy and effort into making it what it is.”