Godey Creek starts on Douglas Lake lands near 97C and flows (rages at times) west down the canyon just south of the Info Centre, under Hwy. 5, and then disappears into the ground mysteriously. 

 This trail is especially nice on a very hot summer day – have a dip in the creek! The best hole is right by the ramp.

It is a popular and quite strenuous hiking and biking trail, unsuitable for horses due to ramps and bridges. It can be done as an out-and-back (ONB) or made into a very fine round trip.  

For a round trip, start at the Info Centre and follow signage for TMI and Godey up to ‘Lone Pine’, a conspicuous old pine that is an area landmark – then proceed SE down into the creek valley, keeping right and always going downstream. The creek is very swift in freshet, so keep pets and kids secured and safe. Continue down the creek until you hear Hwy. 5, then go right over the last bridge, and follow the trail back to the Info Centre via Godey Traverse.

As an ONB, follow the path at the SW corner of the Info Centre and proceed on Godey Traverse – turn around when you get to the top, or anywhere you wish.

Along the trail you will notice some very fine old growth, an old miner’s cabin, and lovely pools in the creek.

It is two miles one way, strenuous at times – use caution on creek crossings and on ramps. Takes 1.5 hrs to hike one way.