This is a sweet mountain biking and hiking trail; built in the early 90’s and completed to the present  cool status by two local mountain bikers; ‘J’ and ‘P’.  

It is not recommended for horses as there are several wooden bridges.

Access can be granted either by riding ‘up’ from the Coutlee Plateau MMBA parking lot on MidDay Valley road via Pond Scum, Eds Way, etc. (see the Trailforks app), or by driving up MidDay almost to Lilly Lake Road junction. Just 20-metres east of the cattleguard is the entry to JPC on the south side of the road.  

From the cattleguard its a nice 5-kilometre trail, mostly downhill to the Coutlee parking.  Hikers can spot a car there and then retrieve it when they finish the hike.  There’s lots of shade on this trail; and a few water spots for pets to enjoy and refresh.  Hikers should be attentive as bikers will be riding fast in some sections of the trail.  Its always best to wear something bright that cyclists can easily spot. Along this trail there are two ‘bail out’ spots to take you to MD Valley road–just keep going to the right when you reach that road.  A little feature that cyclists and hikers enjoy is the teeter totter; just go over it slowly, but with enough momentum so you don’t stall at the top!  The trail is about 5-km one way, and mostly downhill; recommended for a hot day. Moderate exercise.

Enjoy Merritt’s great trails, and please take all litter home for proper disposal; including doggie bags.