Special to the Herald, Darch Oborne will be detailing trails in the area as people get out this summer and enjoy the outdoor recreation the Nicola Valley has to offer.


This very scenic  trail was built mostly by friends and co-workers of the late Tom Lacey. 

He was instrumental in initiating the forest fire protective zone around Merritt, and we remember him on this easy hike/ride, as we notice the trees thinned, and underbrush cleared, for our protection.

Start at NVIT; just north of the student residence, and east of the yellow home, and follow the yellow and black signs, and the hiker signs also.

Up diagonally west through the forested grasslands of the north Bench, up the hill and over the footbridge. Then diagonally west again; gently climbing the hill and through the switchbacks, At the top of the switchbacks go straight across to stay on Tom Lacey Trail, and continue along for three kilometres until you reach Norgaard’s flag.  Then return to NVIT.

Total walking time is two hours. Dogs are welcome; but leash them when you sight others on the trail.

An easier/shorter route is to spot a car at the Norgaard’s lookout (access by the Pineridge Cemetery) and drive back to NVIT.

Trail etiquette: Hikers rule; bikers yield to everyone; slow down and offer to dismount if horses or children appear.  Trails are for everyone to enjoy. Pick up any  litter that you see; and dog-walkers, please take your baggies home to the garbage.

Trail length; four kilometres one way. Fitness level is beginner/intermediate. No water or services along the trail.

Note: motorized vehicles may be present on this trail.

You will marvel at the lovely views south over the city and the Hamilton Hill and Coutlee Plateau.