It’s all fun and games, and some construction, as Smith Pioneer Park in Lower Nicola continues to receive infrastructure upgrades thanks to federal funding. 

The Thompson Nicola Regional District (TNRD) recently announced that construction on the park would continue as the weather warms up, soon heralding the completion of the park’s planned upgrades. While the park may be partially fenced off during some construction, the TNRD said the park will remain open while they build on last year’s upgrades. 

“In 2022, new playground surfacing was added, new picnic shelters were installed, pickleball lines were added to the tennis courts and other minor improvements were made,” reads a release by the TNRD.

“A number of projects are planned to be included in phase two of construction, including a new basketball court, outdoor fitness equipment, and improvements to the walking path and parking lot.”

Similar to last year’s upgrades, the TNRD expects construction to be ongoing throughout the year. The vast improvements are enabled by the federal government’s Canada Community Building Fund, which saw $114 million transferred to 188 communities in B.C. for infrastructure upgrades.

The park, located on Aberdeen Road, is approximately 1.5 hectares, and was first constructed in 1986. The park received major upgrades in 2012, when a combination of government funding and community fundraising allowed for an expansion and upgrading of current amenities. As the park gets its second upgrade, the public is asked to make room for contractors.

“Smith Pioneer Park will remain open during construction but the public is asked to give space in areas where construction is active,” noted the release. 

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