With the goal of improving communication, the Upper Nicola Band has taken on a new look.

Former Chief Dan Manuel (who was chief during the rebrand) said the new branding is part of sweeping changes to their communications overhaul.

A new logo has been adopted, and a new website recently launched.upper_nicola_logo_web

The new branding was done by First Nations communications company CopperMoon Communications.

Senior manager of communications for CopperMoon Richard Truman said the company developed the new logo and website in addition to developing a brand guide book, template materials and giving band staff a training session.

Manuel said the band had difficulties reproducing and imprinting the former logo due to the amount of detail it had.

“We just felt it was time for a change,” Manuel said.

The new logo is a dark red and white red-tailed hawk with its wings spread open, while the former logo featured a galloping horse and an eagle’s head on a backdrop of the sun.

The red-tailed hawk is a common bird of prey in the Upper Nicola area, and it is also one of cultural significance, Manuel said.

Manuel said the band wanted colours that were attractive and represented the Upper Nicola community.

He said the colours used, such as the reds and yellows, reflect the area’s landscape and were present in their old logo, but were brighter.

“We softened the colours up, but also maintained some consistency and continuity in those colours,” Manuel said.

Truman said it was interesting to see how the sandy shades and reds used in the website and logo are suited to the Upper Nicola community.

The new website has a cleaner look to it than the old one, Manuel said.

“The website has been totally revamped,” he said.

Manuel said the band administration wanted a website that was accessible and easy for visitors to the site to use, including band members.

He said there is better website management now as CopperMoon provided training to staff to help keep the site up to date.

“If you’re logging in as a member and nothing changes, there’s no new information, [and] you’re going to stop logging in after three or four times,” Manuel said.

Truman said the training session showed staff how to use the website and add content.

Manuel said the band has also taken on a simpler name as part of their communications strategy, referring to themselves as simply Upper Nicola, and dropping the word ‘band’ from its name.

“We were Upper Nicola Indian Band, then we were Upper Nicola Band, now we’re Upper Nicola,” Manuel said.

That change was made to show that the community is more than just a band.

He said the name Upper Nicola Band had sometimes brought about confusion amongst people outside the community.

“I’ve been asked what kind of music we play,” Manuel said, regarding people confusing the band for a group of musicians.

The website comes with a new, shorter web address as well: uppernicola.com.

Manuel said being more user-friendly was a goal in the community’s communications strategy.

“We’re making it easier for people to know who we are,” Manuel said.

Development of the new branding began back in October.