To support the Village of Lytton in its economic recovery following the devastating Lytton Creek wildfire, which destroyed an estimated 90% of the community on June 30, the Province has announced a $1 million grant.

“The people of Lytton, business owners and the local government are facing an enormous challenge, and our government is providing the support they need right now to rebuild,” said Jennifer Rice, Parliamentary Secretary of Emergency Preparedness.

“With homes and businesses shuttered or lost, the Village of Lytton is financially challenged to keep its operations going. With this funding, the village can continue its critical work on the ground to get the community back up and running.”

$500,000 of this funding will support efforts to restart the local economy and $500,000 will be for operational activities at the Village of Lytton, meaning the Village can continue to pay staff who are leading wildfire recovery.

“The provincial government is supporting the community of Lytton as it recovers and rebuilds the community,” said Roly Russell, Parliamentary Secretary of Rural Development.

“By working closely with officials in Lytton, we will continue to do everything we can to overcome the challenges they identify and expedite recovery efforts. I know from my own lived experience how helpful funds like these can be to help navigate a successful community recovery.”

The funding is provided by the province through the Ministry of Forests, Lands Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development. Rice and Russell have also been appointed as recovery liaisons between the Village and the province.

“Our village was devastated by this past summer’s wildfire, but our spirits remain strong,” said Jan Polderman, mayor of the Village Lytton.

“We are hoping to rebuild as soon as possible, and this grant will help us with our immediate critical needs.”

The B.C. government is supporting Lytton’s recovery by funding four key areas:

Emergency and temporary housing:

  • evacuee accommodation support through Emergency Support Services and Camp Hope
  • direct financial assistance through partnership with Canadian Red Cross

Local government recovery team:

  • emergency Operations Centre staff
  • communications capacity
  • recovery and project management
  • economic development co-ordinator
  • financial management and governance support
  • survey co-ordination
  • recovery planning support delivered by the Fraser Basin Council

Safe return and re-entry:

  • safe work plans and site security
  • re-entry co-ordinator
  • dangerous tree risk assessments
  • environmental hazard assessment and soot sampling
  • disaster financial assistance
  • debris removal

Other financial and in-kind support:

  • donation management co-ordination
  • case management