The volleyball fever was back in Merritt over the weekend.

Merritt Volleyball Association has hosted its annual mixed Volleyfest tournament. In total, 48 teams have invade Merritt to participate in the tournament.

There were recreational games at Merritt Secondary School, at the former Coquihalla Middle School and at the Nicola Valley Institute of Technology.

Here are the results of the tournament:

Comp 1

1st place: Pancakes (Kelowna)

2nd place: Notorious DIG (Kelowna)

Comp 2A:

1st place: Sets Appeal (West Kelowna)

2nd place: Harsch Sets (Kelowna)

Comp 2B:

1st place: Spikeological Warfare (Canoe)

2nd place: Big DIG Energy (Penticton)

Rec A:

1st place: Killer Impactz (Hope)

2nd place: FYI Can’t Pass (Penticton)

Rec B:

1st place: We Showed Up (Merritt)

2nd place: Can You DIG It (Hope)

From April 26 to 28, the local volleyball association will also host an all-ladies’ tournament.