Dear Editor:

Last winter the Nicola Valley Fish and Game Club through the Highland Valley Enhancement Association planned to improve the launch site at Courtney Lake so people could get their boats in the water easier.

There is an area set aside by the B.C. Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure when the road was four-laned to Merritt. We were approved by the Highland Society for up to $10,000 for the project. As well, the ministry was to supply equipment to do ground work.

Our club volunteers have already looked at the site and have got the paper work started and it was looking like a go on all fronts. All but the First Nations archaelogical studies. We have been notified that they would have to do an extensive study with a cost of $8,000-9,000 a day and we’re not sure how many days involved.

We did a volunteer improvement at Paradise Lake a few years ago and got set back over a year waiting for a study by a few people for a few hours of time. We finally finished the work – built a dock, improved the launch area, etc. Lots of hours by our members.

We had a meeting and the club has given up on Courtney Lake because of the ridiculous costs involved. With no money to work with, why bother? Highland Society was told to cancel the project and spend the money somewhere else.

The way the system works now, unless there are some changes in policy, we can see a lot of volunteer work not happening. And why should it with the rip-off system we have in place? We feel that the government should be taking a real good look at this problem, which affects anything that happens out there.

Paul Komonoski

Nicola Valley Fish and Game Club