Dear Editor:

There is some confusion over the matter of the smart meter moratorium and Merritt City Council’s Jan. 24 decision to defeat the motion to request said moratorium.

To clarify, council’s Aug. 23, 2011 motion “That Council participate in the discussion being held during the Union of British Columbia Municipalities (UBCM) Conference addressing ‘Smart Meters’ in order to gather information and make a more informed and educated decision regarding requesting a moratorium be placed on mandatory installation of wireless meters,” was inadvertently construed as having officially requested a moratorium.

This error must now be corrected to reflect that the City of Merritt is not one of 30 plus municipalities that have requested a moratorium of the Minister of Health and the Provincial Government.

Strange as it will seem to many, Merritt City Council, subsequent to becoming informed and educated at UBCM, supported the UBCM motion for a moratorium, but now it does not.

Specific to the Jan. 24 motion to defeat Coun. Mike Goetz’s motion, newly elected Coun. Norm Brigden stated that he and Coun. Clara Norgaard had not the opportunity to become informed at the BC Hydro or citizens’ presentations about smart meters. This certainly begs the question: Why did the new city councillors vote to defeat the motion rather than excuse themselves from the meeting, or if that isn’t an option, stay at home? As well, these councillors should know what is coming before them and factually councillors do talk to each other about city business. Perhaps there is another agenda here, that we can only speculate about.

Coun. Mike Goetz, who is strongly supportive of a smart meter moratorium and brought the motion forward, works as an IBM technician and is the only council member well educated about wireless technology and microwave emissions. The mayor and the rest of council are well aware of this.

Merritt City Council supported a similar motion at the UBCM Conference last November. To waffle now about needing a debate makes no sense.

Council received several credible scientific research reports. Most of council either rejects the science or did not read the information given them or did not research wireless technology. They have chosen instead to subject infants, children, pregnant women, those who are electrosensitive and the rest of us to a classified Group 2B potential carcinogen. Merritt City Council, you have failed in your ‘duty of care’ to the citizens of Merritt, as you are bound by the BC Health Act.

Thank you Mike Goetz, for your diligence and for caring about us, and thank you Dave Baker for caring and for voting for the motion.

Citizens opposed to the installation of wireless smart meters on their residences, WiFi in schools and other issues associated with microwave emissions should call or write to their municipal representatives to express their concerns.

The next general meeting of the Nicola Valley Safe Technology Advocates will be on Thursday, Feb. 9 at the Trinity United Church hall at 7 p.m. Please come and “help us help you” resolve this issue.

Walter Vohradsky, Co-chair: Nicola Valley Safe Technology Advocates